2011 Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy event Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy event Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy event

United Nations of Youth Video Conference

1500 Sullivan Road Aurora, IL 60506

Recently,Mirjana Ursulesku, fine artist and owner of Blue is My Color, Inc., a fine art and greeting card company based in the Chicago area and Janna Cosby of Cosby Creative Associates, Inc., a marketing and communications firm based in Chicago, Illinois worked with the U.S. Department of Education in a project at the Illinois Math and Science Academy connecting the school with corporate America. The IMSA program centers on live, worldwide teleconferences with a United Nations of Youth. - engaged in finding sustainable solutions and creative learning opportunities around the world. In their work around the world, Ursulesku and Cosby developed direct marketing campaigns to support non-profits and their global work. In this research work for McDonald's Corporation, Ursulesku and Cosby are engaged in the support of this unique youth movement for change.

Under the direction of Dr. Glenn "Max" McGee, Ursulesku and Cosby attended an important conference with the United Nations of Youth at the Academy in Aurora. As a special guest, Peter Cunningham, assistant secretary for communications and outreach at the Department of Education was interviewed by students in the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Assistant Secretary of Education Cunningham heads the Office of Communications and Outreach (OCO), composed of more than 125 employees and charged with broadcasting the President Obama's and the Secretary of Education's agenda, as well as supporting federal education policy development and promotion.